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Healing lite in a free VST/VST3/AU instrument for Windows & Mac 64 bit. Healing lite has been created from original 24 bit/96khz recordings of 2 Tibetan Bowls/Singing Bowls, 1 Rainstick and 1 Tibetan tingsha. The instrument consists of 8 pads with the sound of a large and a medium bowl, struck with various intensities and 2 central pads with the sound of the Rainstick and the Tibetan tingsha, both central pads have several samples stacked in round robin mode. The Full version features an additional interface with ADSR, Filter, Reverb and LFO controls for 22 digitally processed playable presets.


  • Win & Mac
  • 64 Bit
  • 8 Singing Bowls samples at different intensity
  • 2 layers with stacked sounds of Rainstick and Tibetan tingsha in round robin mode
  • Gain controls per channel
  • Pan controls per channel
  • macOS Monterey Support

System Requirements on Windows:

  • Windows 8.1/10/11
  • 200 MB Disk Space
  • 200 MB Ram
  • VST/VST3 host (64-bit)

System Requirements on Mac:

  • OS X 10.13.6 And Above
  • 200 MB Disk Space
  • 200 MB Ram
  • AU/VST/VST3 host (64-bit)
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