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Lo-Fi Beats Instrument

Love-Fi 2 is a VST/VST3/AU instrument meticulously crafted for the creation and production of Lo-Fi beats, ChillWave, Chillhop, and Lo-Fi Ambient music, among other genres.

LOVE-FI 2 features three distinct modules:

  • Midnight: This module offers 122 multi-sampled presets including pads, keys, and basses, delivering a wide range of atmospheric sounds.
  • Things: With 16 unique presets, this module incorporates sounds from nature, animals, people, various environments, vinyl, and other processed noises to add texture and depth to your tracks.
  • Rhythm: Comprising 63 drum kits, this module uses a variety of sounds from home recordings, synthesizers, and various noise sources like pops and clicks, providing an extensive palette for creating intricate rhythms.

Whether you're crafting mellow beats or exploring ambient soundscapes, Love-Fi 2 provides the tools you need to bring your musical ideas to life.


  • For Windows & Mac (64-bit)
  • 122 multi-sampled sound presets of pads, keys and basses
  • 63 drum kits
  • 16 extra presets layers of SFX
  • 25 midi files
  • LFO modulation and filter controls
  • Adjustable ADSR envelope settings
  • Built-in reverb
  • Carefully edited samples
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Royalty-free

System Requirements on Windows:

  • Windows 8.1/10/11
  • 3.0 GB Disk Space
  • VST/VST3 host (64-bit)

System Requirements on Mac:

  • OS X 10.13.6 And Above
  • 3.0 GB Disk Space
  • AU/VST/VST3 host (64-bit)
PRICE: 18€ (exVAT)


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