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LOVE-FI is a bundle of 3 VST/VST3/ AU instruments, specially designed for composition and production of Lo-Fi beats, ChillWave, Chillhop or Lo-Fi Ambient among others.
LOVE-FI is divided into 3 modules:
Midnigth - 89 multi-sampled sound presets of pads, keys and basses.
Things - 16 various presets of sounds of nature, animals, people, environments, vinyl and various processed noises.
Rhythm - 45 drum kits created with sounds from various sources such as home-recorded sounds, synth sounds, noises, pops, clicks, etc...


-3 VST/VST3/ AU instruments.
-34 multi-sampled pad presets.
-32 multi-sampled key presets.
-23 multi-sampled bass presets.
-16 Presets of field recordings and processed noise.
-45 drum kits designed with love.
-Win & Mac
-32 & 64 Bit
-2,28 GB
-Big Sur Support (Intel-based macs only)
System Requirements on Windows:
Windows 8.1/10
2,28 GB Disk Space
2 GB Ram
VST/VST3 host (32 & 64-bit)
System Requirements on Mac OS X:
OS X 10.13.6 And Above
2,28 GB Disk Space
2 GB Ram
AU or VST host (32-bit or 64-bit)


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